ACWE Logo Shirts

Shirts with an ACWE logo are available through Land's End. To order, you'll need to do the following things:
  1. Go to the Land's End Business/Corporate clothing web site at
  2. Create an account for yourself and log in.
  3. You need to have the logo in your logo library to order online. You may be able to order over the phone with the correct information (which is coming up) if you'd prefer to do that. You'll just have to know the item number, size, color, etc. for what you want.
  4. To add the logo to your library:
    1. At the top of the main screen, click the "My Logos" link.
    2. On that page, click the "View Logo Library" link.
    3. There, you can enter the logo information. Give it a nickname (like "ACWE"). The Logo Reference Number is 0712118, and the Customer Number is 3510001 (these numbers are what you'll need if you call them directly). You can click the "Preview Logo" button and it should show you the image, which is the capital dome with a note over it and the text "Austin Civic Wind Ensemble" underneath.
  5. Once the logo is in your library, you can use it when you purchase an item. After adding an item to your "shopping bag", you can select the logo in the drop-down boxes to the right of the item when you're looking at it in the shoppping bag.
It costs $5.95 to have a shirt embroidered with the logo. Other items may cost more for the embroidery. Men's polo shirts start under $20. Land's End Customer Support: 800-587-1541