Membership Fees

The membership fee is $36 per year for regular members and $24 for full-time students and retirees. Membership fees are payable each September for the fiscal year, September through August. New members prorate their first year's fees, depending on the number of months remaining in the fiscal year. Paying fees, combined with regular attendance, qualifies you as a member in good standing, and entitles you to all rights and privileges thereof (which include, for example, performing at concerts, voting, holding an office, etc.). Regular attendance is defined as 70% of the rehearsals during the previous three months before a concert.

Membership fees provide the primary source of funds for meeting normal ACWE operating expenses.

PayPal for Regular Members ($36)

PayPal for Students and Seniors ($24)

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Music and Rehearsals

ACWE encourages members to take the music folder to rehearse at home. However, if you take your folder, and are unable to attend a rehearsal (or concert), it is essential you return the folder so that your part is covered. You can return a folder by arranging for another ACWE member to bring it to rehearsal. Please remember: whenever you take a music folder, you are committing yourself to return the folder for the next rehearsal or concert.

Planning for rehearsals and scheduling for concerts is much more effective when the level of participation and instrumentation can be projected. Because of this, regular participation in weekly rehearsals is zealously encouraged. The courtesy of advanced notification to your section representative is greatly appreciated whencircumstances prevent your participation in a rehearsal or concert.

Concert Dress

Normal indoor concert dress is ALL black (not tux). Long sleeve dress shirt and nice pants for men. Black skirt or pants, and black blouse for women.

For outdoor concerts that occur in warmer months, white tops, tan (khaki) shorts or pants and white tennis shoes or light brown shoes are in order.

Shirts with the ACWE logo are available to purchase but not required.

How to order ACWE logo shirts from Land's End